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On Labor Day 2007, Gerad Heath Meteyer suddenly and unexpectedly died as a result of a low blood sugar incident. He left behind two parents, two younger brothers, few material possessions, and countless friends.

Gerad, 34, was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when he was nine years old. For most of his life he had difficulty living with his disease. Seizures, hospital stays, and missed school days became a part of life in the Meteyer household. His disease did not, however, keep him from staying physically active and pursuing higher education goals. After graduating from high school, he attended both Michigan State University and Marygrove College on his way toward earning a degree in child development in 2004. He hoped to soon be a teacher of young children. His hopes were cut short on September 3, 2007 when he passed away at home in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

One of the ways that Gerad learned to live with diabetes mellitus (also known as type-1 diabetes and juvenile diabetes) was by meeting other people who faced the same challenges. Gerad was fortunate enough to be able to attend Camp Midicha (mih-DIE-chuh), an American Diabetes Association (ADA) camp for children and teenagers diagnosed with type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Camp Midicha, located in Fenton, Michigan, helped him improve his diabetes self-management skills from experienced, professional medical staff. While there he also met lifelong friends with whom he had fun in a safe and supervised setting. Gerad began attending the camp as a newly diagnosed diabetic at the age of nine and returned every year until he was no longer eligible as a camper. Because of the skills that he developed and relationships he forged, Gerad then felt the need to give back to the camp that had given so much to him. He turned his energies toward serving as a counselor at the camp, helping young campers face the challenges they confronted.

Gerad put tremendous effort into managing his disease. He put equal effort into sincerely getting to know those people whose paths he crossed. Gerad was a quiet listener, a gentle friend, and a generous giver. Since Gerad never married or had children of his own, it is up to those who knew him best to carry out the legacy of his life.

Our Mission for continuing to honor Gerad is through a foundation established in his name. The Gerad Meteyer Foundation (GMF) is a volunteer-run, federally recognized tax-exempt charity that provides camperships to send underprivileged diabetic children to Camp Midicha. (EIN # is 80-0186777) The GMF was honored to be one of 3 finalists for the American Diabetes Association of Michigan's 2011 Diabetes Champion Award! In 2017, GMF was recognized "in appreciation for the many years of support for ADA Camp Midicha". Our efforts continue in helping these children.

Due to the generosity of hundreds of individuals and businesses, our fundraisers have been great successes. The Gerad Meteyer Foundation has provided camperships for dozens of needy children so far! Please help us continue our mission to carry on Gerad's legacy while making an enormous difference in the lives of children with diabetes.

MAY through SEPTEMBER, the Statewide Roadside cleanup is completed by folks who have seen the Gerad METEYER Foundation sign on Old 27 in Gaylord, MI. For 2 miles on 3 separate occasions, the road is de-littered by volunteers. We'd love to see you helping! Email us at for info.

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