The day promised to be sunny, warm, and bright. It turned out to be quite the contrary! Overcast skies, misting rains, and cool temperatures dominated the entire day but it did not dampen our spirits nor the purpose of the Gerad Meteyer Foundation (GMF). A new location in Beverly Hills (Beverly Park) provided the type of overhead protection we needed on that day, and allowed us more room for the guests to eat, and places to display the silent auction items. A plaque, which had been dedicated by the Michigan Diabetes Association and Camp Midicha, was on display at the sign-in table. The plaque is now permanently on display in the camp lodge in Fenton, and shows Gerad's picture and the names of camp counselors who will be recognized yearly in Gerad's memory as the outstanding counselors of that season. This plaque was dedicated on June 25, 2009. Family was in attendance along with the campers, and you can well imagine the emotion that accompanied the dedication.

Contributions to the Gerad Meteyer Foundation and proceeds from the picnic and silent auction raised enough money to send 12 children to camp during the summer of 2009. Despite the difficult economy, this year's efforts have raised enough to send at least 14 children to Camp Midicha in 2010.

It is through the love and generosity of friends, family, contributing businesses, and fellow professionals that we have been able to succeed at the levels that we have posted for these past two years. Much work remains to be done this year to acknowledge contributions by mail and to meet the State and Federal tax filing requirements, but we are already looking forward to next year's event, as we hope you are, too!